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Our Services

Welcome to Ryantronics Corp's comprehensive range of electronic manufacturing services. With our expertise in printed circuit board assembly, we are your trusted partner in delivering high-quality, customized solutions. Whether you need a single service or a full turn-key solution, our dedicated team and advanced capabilities ensure that your electronic products are built with precision, reliability, and efficiency.

From low to medium volume, we specialize in precise and complex PCB assembly, leveraging advanced manufacturing systems and rigorous quality control processes. Our dedicated team ensures the highest level of accuracy and reliability in every circuit board we assemble.

PCB Testing

We provide thorough PCB testing services to ensure the functionality, reliability, and adherence to specifications of your circuit boards. Our advanced testing equipment and methodologies guarantee that every PCB meets the highest quality standards before leaving our facility.


Our logistics services cover the seamless management and delivery of your electronic products to their intended destinations. With our robust infrastructure and strategic partnerships, we ensure efficient and reliable transportation, inventory management, and timely order fulfillment.

Box Build Assembly Services

As your one-stop solution, we offer comprehensive box build assembly services that encompass the integration of PCBs, components, and mechanical assemblies into a final product. Our expertise in system integration ensures seamless assembly and precise functionality.


Streamline your supply chain with our procurement services, which encompass strategic sourcing, supplier management, and material acquisition. Our experienced team and strong supplier relationships maximize material flexibility, minimize inventory investment, and reduce total acquisition costs.

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